Ingram’s Magazine Recognizes Eight Recent Start-Up Businesses Worth Watching
By Margaret Cashill – June 2008

“Several years after the numeric burst of the dot-com bubble, the concept of a startup has regained credibility in the public eye and the emergence of successful startups restores our optimism. In honor of small business month, Ingram’s Magazine shines a spotlight on promising startups based in Kansas and Missouri.”

Jonkman Construction has undertaken local and national projects since its 2005 founding by Timothy Jonkman, an Indiana native who has worked in the construction field in Kansas City since 1998. Based in Downtown Kansas City, the commercial and industrial construction firm has grown rapidly in revenues, scope of projects, and number of employees in its three years. While several prominent construction companies around the country have suffered some very high-profile collapses in this down market, Jonkman says his company prospered from the reputation for quality product and the client relationships he had developed in the industry. “Those relationships were strong enough that even though we were a new company we were able to do a $10 or $20 million project.” While a typical construction project might go out to bid to the general public, Jonkman Construction works with the developer tenant from day one to negotiate contract costs. Some current ventures include a three-story office building and a three-story garage for Karbank Company in Olathe, a building at 93rd and Quivira for the Kansas Workforce Partnership, and projects in Austin, Texas, and Portland, Ore. Jonkman feels the Midwestern work ethic has helped his company, as has the central location. “It allows us to jump out and work in the country, anywhere our clients need us.”

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