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Originally constructed in 1977, the First Federal Bank of Kansas City, located at 8000 State Line Road in Leawood, underwent a significant transformation in 2018. Designed by SFS Architects of Kansas City, this building received a full exterior and modern interior make-over via the Jonkman Construction Team. The interior was remodeled using a combination of custom wood slat walls, glazing walls, and vibrantly painted accent surfaces and ceilings. The exterior was updated and transformed using modern materials while maintaining and preserving key elements of the original building’s 1970’s design.

In addition to receiving a new facelift and roof system, the building has been equipped with SageGlass®. The smart electrochromic glass windows dynamically change their tinting in response to the sun, allowing for internal shading automatically at different light levels throughout the day. This window system helps maintain maximum comfort without the need for blinds or shades, while also increasing the buildings thermal efficiency.

A new parking lot and drive-thru improvements are now better suited for handicap accessibility and all-around customer needs. New landscaping and environmental signage complete this project redesign. Jonkman Construction is proud to be a 15+ year partner of First Federal Bank. The relationship continues to strengthen itself through hard work, communication, and trust between Owner & Contractor.

Leawood, Kansas

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