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HomeAdvisor provides homeowners the tools and resources they need to complete their home improvement, maintenance, and repair projects. When it came time for a new Kansas City office, they called in the experts at Jonkman Construction. Their goal was to create an open, fun, and inviting space, emphasizing materials used in their own residential remodeling projects. High ceilings and skylights open up space, while vibrant colors and a variety of finishes enhance the environment.

The 58,940 square foot project had an accelerated timeline, so the architects at RMTA utilized a variety of quick ship materials while the team at Jonkman Construction was able to condense the design and permitting to five weeks and construction to just nine weeks. While HomeAdvisor has helped more than 45 million homeowners tackle home projects, Jonkman Construction is proud to say that they helped tackle one of theirs.

Lenexa, Kansas

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Class A Office

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